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Who is Damon’s best Friend?

Besties, buddies, BFFs…as easy as it is to spot them on most shows of the genre, it truly gets blury when it comes to The Vampire Diaries.

Where Grimm is clearly invested in Monroe and Nick’s friendship and The Walking Dead got famous for the end of Rick & Shane friendship. I can’t really tell who is best friends with whom if it weren’t for the recaps of the show. So I thought to list the possibilities and let a poll reveal the winners.

3) Damon and Alaric
Their friendship seemed to arise over the fact they were the only male characters in Mystic Falls over 21, so they could go out and drink and complain about the exs like most single male characters do. Then Damon started dating Elena and Alaric sort of started adopting Elena and things got awkward from there.

They have died, come back to life, became vampire, human again and so on and managed to stay friends through all of it. But it has never been the organic growth besties deserve IMO.

2) Enzo and Damon
The self proclaimed BFF can talk for episodes about being more brother to Damon than his own brother is, as far as I can tell his one plot was to make Stefan’s life miserable because Damon was dead, but then he came back to life and, as far as I can tell, there hasn’t been a single scene to re-establish just how important Enzo is in Damon’s life or Damon in Enzo’s.

To be completely fair, he does know Damon’s mother and his brother, so they are not strangers, albeit very doubtful BFFs.

1) Damon and Bonnie
The lastest in a series of attempts to make a believable connection, Bonnie strikes me more of an antagonistic relationship rather than the enabler buddie that male characters love to spend time with.

To be fair, Damon did feel guilty to leave her behind, and her reunion with him was nothing short of epic. However, epic does not a BFF make, nor 4 months can equal the centuries Damon has been friends with Enzo, nor one bottle the many drinks Damon has shared with Alaric.

Honorary mention: Stefan and Damon
Granted, they have broken the bro-code by dating each other’s girlfriends (something Enzo would’ve never done), they have forsaken one another more times than Damon and Alaric have done, and they argue more often than Bonnie and Damon do, so the only reason they deserve an honorary mention is that they keep coming back to one another. Damon can do his worst and Stefan would forgive him, Stefan could abandon him and Damon would greet him back with open arms.

Perhaps is that they cried over the same mother or endured the same father, but when it’s all said and done, I think the show has actually spent some time trying to sell their bond as brothers, which creates a believable friendship as a result.

Over to you who is Damon’s actual Bestie? Is it Bonnie, Alaric, Enzo or is it Stefan?

I’m thinking of you all the while; Recap and review

Hey  Guys! It’s you know who again here with another recap and review of The Vampire Diaries.  Today I will be reviewing the Season 6 Finale entitled I’m Thinking of You all the While. This episode was written by Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.  It was directed  by Chris Grismer. Can I just say right here that if you haven’t seen this episode yet then get your tissue box out because trust me you are going to need it.   One last thing before  I start the review. I have been hearing a lot of negative criticism towards Elena that I really don’t like and i’m going to address it hear. If there was no Elena there would be no show. Read the damn books. They series was created around the love triangle of Elena and the Salvatore brothers. Don’t like don’t watch it.  Enough said. Following that point I think Elena Gilbert is 100% pure heroine . Imagine using up every last ounce of energy in a fight for your life. You haven’t eaten or slept in what feels like days; your muscles, your bones only remain in motion from adrenaline and fear. Your voice is shredded from screaming and your heart races to keep you afloat despite the tidal waves of trauma breaking in every direction. You’re frazzled and sad but struggling to grasp the last shreds of goodness that haven’t yet been torn away from you by this cold, cruel universe. Seriously, just imagine how tired you’d be. Now imagine feeling this way 22 times a year for six years. It’s no wonder you’ve made a few bad decisions along the way; it’s no wonder you’ve occasionally been foolish with other people’s hearts; it’s no wonder that it’s time now for you to lay your head down and rest. The thing about Elena is, she wasn’t just the heroine. She was the catalyst for the entire premise of the show. If you love the Salvatore Brothers, what you love about them was actually a result of Elena’s existence. If you love Caroline, guess what? She’d still be an annoying, judgmental chatterbox without Elena. Bonnie might still be accidentally setting cars on fire and Jeremy wouldn’t have done nearly as many push-ups. Elena brought out the best in these characters, and her wants and needs—despite being frequently self-centered—drove an epic saga full of rich characters and thrilling twists (to say nothing of the fact that she repeatedly and frequently saved her friends’ lives). Like a kid leaving home and joining the real world, The Vampire Diaries can probably survive without Elena’s influence, but only because it was raised right for six years. Yes, Elena was sometimes frustrating and liked to hug herself and was possibly illiterate, but the same could be said for many of our parents. Her eventual decision to become human again involved her wish to someday become a parent; the irony was that she’d already raised an entire community. Through the good times, bad times, good lovin’, and big bads, one thing about Elena was never in question: How tremendous Nina Dobrev was. The obvious proof of her next-level talents would be her virtuosic performance as Katherine a.k.a. this show’s best ever character. But there’s no need to pay Dobrev the backhanded compliment of praising a side character when her work as Elena was equally impressive, if somewhat more thankless. Imagine opening a script and seeing that your character would be getting herself abducted yet again. Or would be scream-sobbing in a tomb yet again. Dobrev was the quintessential good sport and she never once phoned it in. We’re talking shrieking, crying, and general trauma onscreen week after week, not to mention the fact that anytime she played both doppelgangers in the same episode it meant she had twice the number of calltimes as her co-stars. Which meant, you guessed it: No sleep. That she decided she needed a break from this madness is not surprising; that we maybe didn’t appreciate all her efforts the entire time is our bad. But if her work in The Perks of Being a Wallflower or even Let’s Be Cops is any indication, the silver screen is beckoning and we’ll be seeing so much more of her either way. As die-hard fans of an admittedly limited-viewership CW drama, let’s give Nina Dobrev to the rest of the world now. You’re welcome, world.

This is just to say that Elena will be missed on TVD, but Nina Dobrev will be missed even more.

“I’m Thinking of You All the While” was a devastating, effortlessly beautiful finale, and arguably the most important and meaningful finale in TVD history. That it caps off Season 6 just cements this season’s status as the best-written and most consistent TVD season yet. It was the perfect way to send Dobrev off on a high note, and it was also the perfect way to make me SO JEALOUS. Why don’t *I* get to sleep for 60 years? Ugh, Elena gets all the best things. Let’s talk about this episode! Let’s talk about this episode! Because last week’s episode ended with Elena unconscious on a ruined floor, it was safe to assume this image meant we were in a dream sequence of some kind. Plus with Damon lying in the road in the same spot where he’d first met Elena, we were probably at some undisclosed address on MEMORY LANE. Elena knew that if they were in some kind of non-reality, then the real-reality was probably dire. And she was right! The bride was dead. Alaric’s heart was shattered and also he was going to need some Purell. Meanwhile Damon couldn’t revive Elena (vampire blood no longer has a healing effect on her) and when Stefan and Caroline tried to help, a certain cloaked assh*le did THIS: But that left the remaining Gemini Coven members, who sprung into action to try and banish Kai to a prison realm once again. Because apparently if he dies, they die. So, you guessed it: He committed suicide! That was a twist I didn’t see coming! The whole Gemini Coven dropped dead. So now that barn was covered in glass and dead bodies. Also, what a weird way to go, Kai. Giant shard of glass to the throat seems needlessly gruesome. So yeah, overall it was not the best wedding and the guests should probably not tag photos of it on Facebook. If we’re being honest, Elena probably had the best time because now she was finally getting her Z’s. She’d had a long few years! But Damon was confused because the doctors claimed there was nothing wrong with her, so her coma was definitely magic-related (or she was just super tired). What had Kai DONE? This was cute: Stefan and Caroline woke up in the backseat of Enzo’s car all snuggled up. I mean, it was weird that Enzo abducted them sorta, but I guess he had a reason: Stefan’s mom was all up in the shipping yard acting a fool! Lily was still dead-set on getting her besties back, and Stefan had to shout at her a little about how sons are more important than rando vampire vagabonds, but it was no use. Lily sucks, just gonna say it. You suck, lady. This was tough: Liv was almost dead, and Tyler was kind of dying also, so she commanded him to murder her so that he would turn into a werewolf and heal. It was very hard to watch because I really and truly liked Liv and her death was like the last sad chapter on the Gemini Coven plotline (which was a great one, and a huge reason why this season was so good). So yeah, a reluctant Tyler smothered his dying ex-girlfriend:   Aw, bye Liv! Liv was great. But the deaths kept on coming. That’s right: Kai only “committed suicide” because he’d sipped Lily Salvatore’s blood beforehand. So he genocided his own family and THEN reawakened as a Heretic! (It was a particularly weird touch when he drank his father’s blood to fully turn. What kind of weird hunk would do something like THAT?) So yeah, Kai was now a vampire with magical powers. GREAT. Oh, and just to make it official, bye Jo. Jo was so nice and deserved better. So yeah, this was really tough. Alaric put a sad death shroud over the dead wife of his dead unborn children. That makes THREE dead girlfriends, right? Alaric was clearly done. And then Alaric pulled the trigger! Which was SO DARK, even for this show. But he was out of bullets, which just made Kai LOL. And that’s when a certain wolf man jumped out and bit Kai on the throat! Nothing like a little werewolf venom to slow down a goddamn jerk! Good job, Tyler. After biting Kai’s throat so much, Tyler jumped over a car and ran away. Meanwhile Bonnie and Matt found the camcorder, and Kai had left a message on it explaining what he had done to Elena. Basically he’d linked Elena’s life force to Bonnie’s, so only one of them could be awake at any given time. If they wanted to wake up Elena, Bonnie would have to die. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Bonnie dies all the time, at least once a season practically. But in this case there’s no Other Side anymore, so it wasn’t going to be quite so easy and she was TICKED. This was a helpful text message that Alaric sent to Damon, and the most shocking part about it was that Alaric still uses iOS 6?!?!? Also I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see the previous texts that Alaric had sent Damon. Like, it should probably say something normal like “Bring ice” or “Coming out” or “10min late” and then TY WEREWOLF KAI IS A VAMPIRE in all-caps. I don’t know. But update your software, guy. Caroline decided that maybe it was a bad time to continue seeking a relationship with Stefan. He seemed bummed and kind of dazed. This was definitely not a romantic moment for either of them considering Elena was in a perma-coma next to them. Still though! Rooting for these two. So then Bonnie finally confronted Kai, who informed her that the spell he’d cast to bound her to Elena was rigged to kill them both if it got tampered with. Also, it was cute when he found out in this moment that werewolves existed and that he had been bitten by one, hence his hallucinations. So he simply reabsorbed the werewolf magic and healed his neck with a GLOWING THUMB. It’s honestly so rare that magic is seen visually on this show, so I nearly giggled when his thumb started glowing. But this was also bad news for Bonnie, who would now have to face down a much more powerful foe. And yeah, he lifted her up and slammed her against a wall until she was nearly dead. That’s when Damon showed up and it seemed like he was NOT going to save her life, in order for Elena to live. God, the look on Bonnie’s face was devastating. Her best friend was forsaking her! (Kat Graham was legitimately great in this episode, as she has been all season, and this scene was so powerful based mostly on her performance. So good.) I loved that Damon walked out of the room leaving Bonnie for dead and even Kai was taken aback by the callousness. To the extent it seemed like for a second Kai was going to save her life just because he felt bad for her. But then! THAT’S RIGHT. Damon murdered the BIG BAD in order to save the life of his best friend BONNIE! (And not to say I told you so, but later in the episode Elena herself referred to Bonnie as Damon’s best friend. Deal w/ it, haters.) This was one of my very favorite moments in all of The Vampire Diaries. Instant-classic. And makes me so, so excited to see what these two will get up to next season. We will discuss this later, but I’m hoping and praying that Season 7 becomes a small-town superhero saga, so maybe Bonnie can be the Wonder Woman to Damon’s Batman? With matching uniforms and everything? A girl can dream. So now that the Big Bad was dead and it began to dawn on the characters that Elena was going to be asleep for as long as Bonnie was alive (and that Elena would never stand for Bonnie living anything less than a long, full life), it was time to say goodbye. The mortal ones might not outlive Bonnie, so this was goodbye forever probably. (And wait, would Elena be aging in her sleep, or will she still look 19 when she wakes up? Unclear!) I’m also not clear on how Elena was getting into everybody’s heads, but I’m guessing it had something to do with being linked to Bonnie. I have no idea, and the show didn’t seem particularly interested in getting into it. All I know was, everybody got a turn holding Elena’s hand IRL and then enjoying a shared memory with her. Sort of a greatest hits of important scenes from the early seasons, which as a device was so, so devastating for those of anyone who remembers those seasons fondly. The girls got a nice three-way goodbye, during which Elena hilariously suggested they all keep diaries so that she can read them when she’s awake. NO. Caroline’s immortal, so why not just fill Elena in later? And come to think of it, don’t witches age super slowly also? There were a couple of thousand-year-old witches on The Originals recently, so… Nevermind. This was so sad: One last feather levitation for old time’s sake. Man, remember when Bonnie could only do these tiny little tricks? Lighting candles with her brain and lifting up leaves and whatnot. She’s come a long way. Still though, simple pleasures. Then Elena whisked Matt to the old Wickery Bridge where she made him wear a Sheriff’s uniform (to pressure him into becoming the new sheriff). More tears were shed. I mean, if we’re being honest Matt has only ever been in danger throughout his friendship with Elena, but thanks to her he still managed to survive it all. Truly impressive. It was a little tougher for Elena to say goodbye to Alaric in that he was still grieving super hard, but she still had words of wisdom to share with him about it. She had, of course, buried almost everyone she’d ever loved, so she definitely knew her stuff. (Also, “EverCool”!) Haha then everybody’s favorite babyhunk dreamboat arrived just in time to find his sister comatose in a casket. As Alaric had said, it was very lucky Jeremy had missed the wedding, but what WAS your excuse, young man? Off hunting vampires or something? Tae Bo? WHAT? Anyway, their goodbye was also very poignant. And not to be left out, Tyler even got his goodbye moment. Which, of course, involved chains and a tank top. Stefan’s goodbye was especially meaningful in how it tied into the show’s origins as a love story between him and Elena. Also, the old hairstyles were a nice touch. A big thing she instructed Stefan to do was to be happy, which of course was a not so subtle way of suggesting he try and work things out with Caroline. Yeah, just a lot of heartfelt, teary goodbyes, all of them excellent. I love when this show seems to remember what made it special in the first place. While the absolute worst part of this show has always been the shippers who cannot look past their ship to enjoy the bigger picture, I think this episode provided a fond farewell not just to Elena, but to the love triangle itself. I appreciate that Elena had meaningful relationships with both brothers, but please rest in hell, love triangle. If Nina Dobrev’s departure from TVD has a silver lining, it’s that children will hopefully stop signing up for social media accounts to engage in shipper wars. Yeah, I said it. WAR IS OVER! (If you want it.) Oh, but then the episode still wasn’t done: A previously cloaked building reappeared after Kai was killed. But what or WHOM was inside? The Heretics! They were finally here and Lily was stoked. This was probably not going to lead to any problems. But Damon still had to say goodbye. The idea was that Elena was going to be sealed in the Salvatore mausoleum, which would be spelled shut in order to protect Elena from vampires seeking her cure-laced blood. This meant that she would not be accessible if somebody just wanted to hold her hand and have a chat every now and again. Luckily Damon and Elena’s final moment together was excruciatingly gorgeous. They slow-danced right there in the street. And it was intercut with the other Salvatore making babysteps toward a lasting happiness of his own. Stefan made the case that what they had was too meaningful to let go, then he kissed her on the cheek and left. But the look on Caroline’s face was priceless. Yeah, this was happening, just not yet. Again, this coma idea was a really elegant way to get Elena out of the picture while keeping her within arm’s reach. It’s not clear how often, if ever, the show will try and get her back. I think at the very least she’ll appear in a hypothetical series finale. But that might make it even more emotionally difficult for everyone… Elena’s so close yet so far away. And then it came to cliffhanger time. As the footage outside the tomb sped up, it became clear a lot of time was passing! And then suddenly we saw a Mystic Falls town square we hardly recognized: Matt was patrolling in his Sheriff’s uniform looking terrified. But was the town empty? And who were those hobos eating out of the trash? But most scintillating of all was the silhouetted figure lurking on the clocktower. It was Vampire Batman! Oh man, this teaser was exactly what we needed to get excited about a post-Dobrev TVD. Seriously, if this show relaunches as a sort of action/superhero drama, then that is a truly brilliant and inspired move. But it’s foolish to ever try and predict what this show is up to at any given time. As it stands, this reveal that the world fell apart after Elena left it is a great way to honor her absence while keeping the world compelling to revisit. The Salvatore Brothers are great (although I personally tend to get more invested in the female characters and would love to see Caroline and Bonnie become more front and center) but the bros are never better than when they’re heroic. I know we’re sore, we’re hurting, we’re confused, but I’m just going to say this right now: Bring on Season 7. I don’t care. I want it. This show has earned our trust. This season was very great and the formula has just been shaken up to an extent we’ve never seen before. Aren’t you excited to see what the future holds? Always be excited about what the future holds. It is the best way to live. Well, aside from sleeping for 60 years, which honestly sounds so great right now. But more than anyone, Elena earned that sleep. Three cheers for Elena! Guys and friends, thank you sincerely for reading these recaps this season. It has been a tremendous pleasure to get to do these and I’m really grateful for your thoughtful comments and feedback. Please have an extraordinary summer.



… Will the Heretics be British-accented jerks?

… Where will Tyler go?

… Will Matt be a better sheriff than Sheriff Forbes?

… How good does 60 years of sleep sound right now?

Julie PLec talks Finales and Nina’s exit

With mother issues, wicked witches and leads in danger, this season has been another wild ride for CW sister dramas “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries.” Ahead of the shows’ finales — “The Originals” season two finale airs at 8 p.m. Monday and “The Vampire Diaries” season six finale airs at 8 p.m. Thursday — executive producer Julie Plec discusses impending character departures, family dynamics and the loss of “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev.

Both “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” had major storylines involving the main characters’ moms. It’s pretty funny that both of the shows end the week after Mother’s Day.

Yeah, “The Originals” especially. This is definitely the season of the dysfunctional family for sure.

Is there a hidden meaning there?

I have to have somebody remind me when Mother’s Day is every year so I remember to call my mom.

I know “The Originals” is about the first vampires, but sometimes it seems like witches get most of the attention on the show.

I think we’ve been a lot more successful on “The Originals” on witchcraft and our witch mythology that we were ever able to accomplish on “The Vampire Diaries,” mostly because New Orleans is a place that lends itself to some pretty great references for spells and attitude about witchcraft. I do know that we’re very much looking forward to season three of “The Originals” when we’re talking more about vampires and less about witches. You need a break every now and then.

When all is said and done, it’s a show about family. Everyone has a different definition of what that means. For Davina (Danielle Campbell), it’s trying to find her place within her coven even though she doesn’t necessarily want to be connected to them.

Speaking of family, poor Elijah (Daniel Gillies). Will he ever get a girl who is able to stick around? Will he ever get revenge on his brother, Klaus (Joseph Morgan)?

Elijah has a thousand years of experience in which he’s gone through quite a lot of grief, quite a lot of betrayal in his ups and downs with his relationship with his brother. I think right now he’s definitely in a dark place and we’ll see if he’s going to be able to pull himself out of that or if Klaus is going to be feeling the wrath of his big brother for quite some time.

Onto “The Vampire Diaries”: Lead Nina Dobrev is leaving the show this season and the big question after last week’s episode is whether her character of Elena Gilbert is dead. Judging from the preview, things aren’t looking good.

Well, we all know she’s leaving. The way in which she leaves is the mystery of the episode and I think that, as everyone can tell from the promos, her life is in jeopardy. But I can’t speak to whether the show ends with her actually losing her life or there are other ways to say goodbye to that character. Everyone’s going to have to tune in and watch. But I will say that it’s extremely emotional and also, strangely, powerful and beautiful. It will be satisfying with the outcome.

Elena isn’t the only character leaving at the end of this season. You’re also saying goodbye to Michael Trevino, who plays Tyler Lockwood, a friend of Elena’s who is trying not to fulfill his destiny of becoming a werewolf.

With Tyler, it’s much less definitive. He’s just kind of going off to make new choices in his life and there’s many opportunities for us to see him again. I certainly don’t think it’s the last we’ll see of Michael on the show: when or how or what, I don’t really know.

You’ve had so many characters leave — some of whom have come back. How do you handle that on set?

Every time we have to kill someone that we love it is a terrible funeral all around the show. When we had to say goodbye to Matt Davis (who plays vampire hunter-turned-college professor Alaric) the first time, we missed him so much that we brought him back. It’s never easy. Even Kayla [Ewell, who plays Vicki Donovan], who died six episodes into the first season — we’re still sad about that.

So obviously saying goodbye to Nina after six years has been especially bittersweet, but she’s our friend and we love her and she made the decision for how she wants to live her life and we support that. You can be sad about it or you can be happy that she can do what she wants.

Pop Quiz Time!

Let’s play who said it Vampire Diaries style

Who said “Elijah is one scary dude, but with nice hair”
  • Damon Salvatore
  • Stefan Salvatore
  • Alaric Saltzman
  • Klaus Mikaelson
Who said “how do we look exactly alike?”
  • Katherine Pierce
  • Elena Gilbert
  • Amara
Who said “you’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up”?
  • Stefan Salvatore
  • Katherine Pierce
  • Nadia Petrova
  • Klaus Mikaelson
Who said “what does that mean? Bonnie I don’t speak witch”
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Elena Gilbert
  • Jeremy Gilbert
  • Damon Salvatore
How did this conversation go between Klaroline?
  • You’ll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility and revulsion
  • Despite of all I’ve done
  • I just want you to be honest with me
  • You’ll never have to loathe the darkest parts of yourself, that care for me
  • I’ll be gone, and you’ll be free
  • As soon as we’re done here, I’m gonna walk away and I’m never coming back


Who said “see, I told you I can be a badass”
  • Stefan Salvatore
  • Jeremy Gilbert
  • Rebekah Mikaelson
  • Meredith Fell
Who said “as your sober sponsor, I’m not going to let that happen”
  • Elena Gilbert
  • Bonnie Bennett
  • Damon Salvatore
  • Caroline Forbes
Who said “how about a quarter to never?” And to who
  • Bonnie to Damon
  • Jeremy to Silas
  • Caroline to Damon
  • Caroline to Klaus
Who said “Elena is sired to Damon”
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Stefan Salvatore
  • Bonnie Bennett
  • Jeremy Gilbert
Who said “Damon! Towel! Knock!”
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Nina Dobrev
  • Lexi Branson
  • Vicki Donovan
Who said “our hot naked bodies collided in one unforgettable night of passion?”
  • Damon Salvatore
  • Katherine Pierce
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Tyler Lockwood
Who said “maybe I need to get out of the car because I need to pee?”
  • Katherine Pierce
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Elena Gilbert
  • Bonnie Bennett
Who said “A, he can’t do anything about it and, B… What I just said”
  • Stefan Salvatore
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Lexi Branson
  • Damon Salvatore
Who said “I think the term you’re searching for is omg”
  • Klaus Mikaelson
  • Kol Mikaelson
  • Elijah Mikaelson
  • Rebekah Mikaelson
Who said “your relatives were such packrats”
  • Caroline Forbes
  • Elena Gilbert
  • Jenna Sommers
  • Anna

comment your answers below and I will post the answers when you have had a chance to answer the questions


I’ll Wed you in the Golden Summertime: Episode recap and review

Of all the things we love about The Vampire Diaries probably the things we love MOST are definitely scenes where pregnant ladies get stabbed in the stomach with hunting knives on their wedding days. You know? Who doesn’t love scenes where pregnant ladies get stabbed in the stomach with hunting knives on their wedding days? Those are definitely crowd-pleasing moments, always. They are the kinds of scenes that cause all 25 people in attendance at your TVD living room viewing party to jump up and high five. “Did you SEE that pregnant lady get stabbed in the stomach with a hunting knife on her wedding day, bro??” “You know it, son!” Tons of high fives and chest bumps and meanwhile some lady does a cartwheel onto the wall where she then twerks in celebration. That’s because scenes with pregnant ladies getting stabbed in the stomach with hunting knives on their wedding days are the visual equivalent of JOCK JAMS. They just get the crowd GOING.

Just kidding, I do not care for scenes like that if we’re being honest! Because ouch. Ouch & dang. But this is The Vampire Diaries and we have all agreed to watch this thing even though its very premise is bad-things-happen-to-good-people. Outside of Mystic Falls there is a mass grave full of undeservingly brutalized guest stars. We all know this show is capable of horrible things and that it frequently has a total boner for ruining our week, so we can’t look at a scene like the one at the end of “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime” and be TOO shocked. Repulsed and saddened yes, but what were we expecting? It was a season-ending WEDDING for Jah’s sake. We all knew that wedding dress wasn’t gonna stay white.

Aside from the trauma inflicted upon us by this episode, it was a very good episode! Alternating between quiet, meaningful moments and big, suspenseful ones, it was also noticeably more hilarious and clever than usual, and perfectly set up what promises to be the most important season finale in the show’s history. Let’s talk about this bruiser!

It all started peacefully enough, with Bonnie getting some much-needed Z’s where she could finally be free of danger and she could spend more time with her #1 most loved ones a.k.a Snickers bars. But Bonnie was not safe even in dreams!

First Lily showed up and left Bonnie with no choice but to stab her with a fire poker. Then when Bonnie ran out of her dorm room look who was waiting in the hallway:

Kai! What you doing here, boo? Just kidding, it was all just a dream, of course.

I am very against dream sequence cold opens (on account of them asking us to become invested in situations without logic or stakes), but at least this one functioned as a bad omen for what was to come. Even Matt would later say that when Bonnie has a bad dream it means the Grim Reaper is on the way, so it added to the creeping vibe that this episode would not end well. Also, has Kai been doing push-ups?

Meanwhile Jo was getting ready for her wedding by freaking out all over the place. Bonnie was trying to operate a steam cleaner and meanwhile Elena was celebrating her new humanity by getting so drunk immediately and ASAP.

But then just when it looked like the wedding planner was dropping out due to having the flu (but let’s be real, she was probably murdered), guess who showed up to take the reins?

Caroline was back! She’d taken a few days to be sad and feel guilty about all the things she’d done when her humanity was switched off. But then she got wind that there was a wedding to run so she was BACK. I honestly felt so relieved and warm-hearted when I saw regular Caroline again, how about you?

Caroline did her best to apologize to everyone, but it felt like most people were past it already.

I enjoyed a few of these small moments when Elena would describe how much better she felt being human again. Remember that most of Season 4 was about Elena’s transition to vampire, so it seems like maybe the reverse transition is something to explore as well. But really it just came down to the fact that Elena could get drunk faster now, and more importantly, the fact that she was mortal and can now experience injury makes everything higher stakes and therefore more meaningful. That is actually a very eloquent explanation for the benefits of humanity. Personally I can’t even sleep without somehow hurting myself, so I would really miss that ultra fast healing. But I guess as long as Elena has a vampire boyfriend he’s like a walking medicine bag, right? Oh but wait, it was still up in the air about whether Damon would become human or not. Hold that thought.

Tyler got a couple of good scenes in this episode, but they were all pretty much the same thing. He was mad at his exes!

Aw, hey Liv! Liv was back to attend Jo’s wedding (but NOT be a bridesmaid) and she had a fantastic new haircut. Sorry Liv haters, but I still really like her and I for sure took her side in this argument with Tyler. He has a history of major dickery that people constantly forgive him for and I felt like her actions were justified when she broke his neck and tried to kill herself. So it was pretty lame when he was still mad at her. Anyway, I love Liv. She’ll probably get murdered next week.

Bonnie was still having bad feelings from her nightmare, so she went to go check out the Lily Salvatore situation in the basement dungeon.

Lily was still in the dungeon and she was still mad about it!

This made me laugh so hard:

The picture quality isn’t great, but those two banners say “Mystic Falls Business District”. SURE. Mystic Falls doesn’t have stores, it doesn’t have businesses, and it for sure doesn’t have districts. Don’t pee on my shoe and tell me it’s a business district. The #1 thing anybody buys in Mystic Falls is caskets and they still probably just drive to the Costco two towns over.

But I did like this moment between Bonnie and Matt wherein she described her bad dream and he immediately snapped into vampire-killing action. There’s something kind of powerful about a friend who doesn’t need you to explain something twice. Bad dream? Here is my duffel bag full of weaponry, let’s go.

Elena couldn’t stop drinking. And honestly, who could blame her?

Then Jo decided to hit her head on the piano and fall down. NOW who’s the drunk one? Just kidding, Jo was not drunk, she was pregnant with twins and this show would NEVER endanger the unborn. Anyway, off to the hospital! (She ended up being just stressed, don’t worry.)

Meanwhile the Salvatore Bros’ subplot involved Stefan’s attempt to talk Damon out of becoming a human again. And to do that he took him to the suburbs and presented a master class in how horrible his life will surely become.

His biggest argument was that humanity is just a bunch of TV dinners and paperwork. (Because eating blood is better than Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese? DOUBT IT.) But when Damon expressed skepticism about all this, Stefan forced a bunch of imagery into his head!

First he tried to make Damon think that years down the road Elena would be too tired from doctoring to love him anymore and they will just spend their evenings getting drunk and doing paperwork.

Also there was a good chance she would die before him (presumably via supernatural grudge murder) and he’d have to live without her as a human drinking tons of alcohol and watching the Food Network until he dies from loneliness.

(I love how even hypothetical-rock-bottom Damon is blazingly attractive.) But one thing Stefan brought up that was legitimately convincing was that if word got around that the cure for vampirism was coursing through Elena’s veins, then an army of self-hating vampires would descend upon them and Damon would be unable to protect her. That is a very good argument! Also Stefan claimed that Damon and Elena would have to go so far off the grid that he’d never be able to hang out with them ever again. Not sure if that’s true at all, but whatever. Damon seemed to be changing his mind.

Also the suburbs were very noisy and it had tons of jerk children. Case closed.


Back at the Salvatore Manor, Bonnie and Matt realized they only had an hour until the wedding (problematic since Whitmore College was 2 hours away? Wait, was the wedding near Whitmore? And anyway, honest question to the writers and producers, have you had any regrets about establishing that Whitmore is 2 hours away from Mystic Falls? Seriously wondering!) But yeah, they had time to kill, so they decided to get a quick siesta.

Now, it was a little concerning that the dungeon chamber Lily Salvatore used to be in was now empty with the door ajar. But you know how it is, sometimes when the late afternoon sleepies come on you just gotta give in.

But then look who was at Mystic Grill:

Lily was out and about and hanging around with European vampires! This was not a good thing. Who let her out? What was going on? Probably nobody and nothing, don’t worry about it.

Jo had been openly worrying about whether her weird jerk dad would show up to her wedding, but spoiler alert, HE DID.

I F*cked Ted Beneke seemed pretty happy to see his daughter. It was all very heartwarming.

Slightly less heartwarming was this reunion scene between Caroline and Stefan. She’d been avoiding him ever since their bed and breakfast incident, so there was a lot of air to clear. But just when it felt like the scene was heading somewhere heartwarming and romantic, Stefan got slightly self-righteous and tried to lecture Caroline about how she needed to “let go” if she was going to love him and she was like, “Uh no thanks for the mansplanation, dude.”

So yeah, she walked off and their relationship problems remain unresolved. I am really hoping this pays off in some kind of big gesture next week (future discussion: Will Caroline be basically the new leading lady of the show next season?) because I’m rooting for these guys. But in this scenario I think Caroline was right. Caroline is usually right, but especially here. I truly don’t think ANYBODY needs to change who they are just to be in a relationship, so it was weird for Stefan to insist that she stop being so uptight and controlled. Accept her or don’t, dude.

This was cute:

Just when it looked like Damon had decided to give up the idea of becoming human he saw a charming elderly couple bicker and then hug and he immediately saw that he wanted to grow old with someone. Elena still had concerns, but he convinced her that taking the risk of being human—even if their relationship didn’t work out, or she accidentally got murdered in a supernatural grudge murder—it was still worth a shot. That was the right thing to say because the next thing we knew they were having sex in the hay about thirteen feet away from where all the wedding guests were sitting.

You know, this LOOKS romantic until you realize how uncomfortable hay feels when it gets all up in your junk. Still though: Delena was still on. FOR NOW.

Kinda spooky: Enzo reluctantly hung around with Lily while she was yammering about how she had to meet up with her friends. She didn’t outright say who’d let her out of jail, but the fact that Bonnie had woken up from her nap bleeding meant that there was some definite Ascendant action going on. Anyway, that was all buildup to the episode’s final shocking moments… The barn wedding!


So much for Kai having a conscience! He was back and he was stabby and he fried everybody’s brains and broke all the windows!

And worst of all, Elena passed out drunk!

And that’s how the episode ended. Just a very sad and unpleasant ending. Now, maybe Jo and her babies will survive, who knows. But man, I was NOT expecting that. If I’m being honest I truly thought Tyler would bite it considering all the screentime he’d been given. I never imagined that a pregnant lady would get stabbed in the stomach on her wedding day. That’s dark, even for this show. As for Kai, he’s still amazing (and getting uncomfortably cuter every episode) but I think it’s clear by now that maybe Bonnie shouldn’t have trapped him in that 1903 prison. Failure is nothing new for Bonnie—not even for Awesome Bonnie of Season 6—but he’d been developing into a nice person! Only now he’d spent some quality time with evil witch vampires and nursed a grudge for months. But yeah, as horrible as what he did to Jo was, we can at least appreciate that he made one of the best villain appearances in the show’s history. Next week should be very intense!
Overall opinion of Episode

Overall it was a good episode. great onscreen performances and writing. Also the Cliff hanger was excellent to keep me engaged and anticpating next week. However my week was kinda ruined by the Jo bit. Who stabs a  girl on her wedding day? thats just pure evil. But I still love Kai and I’m glad he is back in Mystic Falls, just no stabbing you sister Kai. For that reason I”m going to score it a 7.5 out of 10, along with the fact that I’m still holding out hope that Klaus will return. I mean Elena is Human now. Human + Doppelganger = new hybrid factory. I know he is busy in New Orleans but seriously one episode can’t hurt am I right?



it wouldn’t be TVD if it didn’t leave me with burning questions as I am sure you are too so lets get the ball rolling shall we.

Under what circumstances will Elena leave the show?

I think she will either leave town with Alaric and Jo. or she will die as a human to defend Damon.

... Who will defeat Kai?

Bonnie will get some revenge, or possible the vampire heratics will turn on him

… Will Damon become human?

Nope there is no way on earth Damon will become human. He loves his life as a vampire too much to go through with the change.

… Exactly what kind of “business” is being conducted in the Business District?

I have no idea probably secret supernatural business. Even Vampires need to earn a living too.

Elena’s last days

In case you missed this weeks episode. Shame on you it was a great episode. Elena shocked everyone when she took the cure, and all her memories that Alaric erased came flooding back. Including a memory where Damon let the word know his thoughts on becoming human. Not pretty. With Kai making his return soon along with all the other vampire witches. Still looking for a technical name. Jo and Alaric are on the lamb since Jo is carrying twins a threat to Kai’s power.  

All in all we are set up for a killer season final and here are my predictions.

  1. Damon will not take the cure because Elena will not let him lest he resents her for it later. Also Damon is over 150 years old if he ages as quickly as Katherine did Elena will outlive him. 
  2. They won’t kill Elena off in case Nina ever decides to return rather she’ll leave mystic falls with Jo and Alaric. Starting a new happy life away from supernatural drama
  3. Bonnie and Damon will grow closer when she comforts him over Elena after she kicks his ass for risking her life yet again. 

Also I’m just throwing it out there if we follow the books written by the incredible L.J. Smith then Elena will die however she will have a nice after life where she will be chosen as a Guardian Angel and is given a test to stop Damon and Stefen from killing and hurting people in her own past. Before being returned to Mystic Falls as a human. Read the books it’s really complicated. This would be a good ending to the show and it would get Nina back for one last episode in the series finale.

What do you guys think. Drop and corny below or tweet or email. I love hearing from you all

Lots of love 


Is Nina Doprev free at last after leaving the Vampire Diaries?

Hey Guys!

it’s Nikkie here bringing you your vampire diaries fix.

Okay so if you haven’t already heard. You obviously have been living under a rock in the last few weeks.  Nina Doprev has confirmed that she will not be returning to The Vampire Diaries after the current season.  It is still unknown whether the show will continue on without her.  But we can confirm that she has wrapped filming and that she along with Michael Trevinio will not be returning next season.  (Cue tear’s everyone) Whilst my heart is breaking when it comes to saying goodbye to  one of my favorite TV actresses, I think  this will be good for her.

Nina Dobrev Thankful To Be Free of The Vampire Diaries Franchise, Ian Somerhalder and False Friend Nikki Reed: Time To Grow?

Nina Dobrev is free at last. Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but she is ‘free’ in every sense of the word. Nina Dobrev has been tethered and chained to The VampireDiaries for the past six years, and while the show might have helped establish her as a household name in the tween household, it definitely hasn’t been helping her much lately.

In fact, even though Nina is a gracious person and will always be grateful to The Vampire Diaries for giving her a launching pad into Hollywood, she probably would have landed something that would have given her equal footing. Sure, landing the lead of a network TV show isn’t easy, but hasn’t the show done her more harm than good lately? Nina’s personal life fell apart after she broke up with Ian Somerhalder,after which she was forced to see him every day for YEARS – and for the last year with watch Ian’s over-the-top famewhore PDA with her ex-friend Nikki Reed! Nina’s career hasn’t benefit in any drastic way for the past few years, and even though she’s been doing consistently strong work on the show, she hasn’t really landed any major gigs. So not only has lovely Ms. Dobrev been spinning her wheels on a show that has long since lost its glamour but she is forced to watch her ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend fall madly in love and get engaged – now isn’t that fun?

In fact, Nina’s highest profile movie role to date still remains a very small role in ‘Perks of Being A Wallflower,’ even though she had an equally small presence in ‘Let’s Be Cops.’ So of course, Nina is probably relieved to FINALLY be free of the show, now that she’s free to pursue more creatively challenging and rewarding work.

What do you guys think about Nina Dobrev leaving the Vampire Diaries franchise?Do you think she’s relieved to be free of the franchise, or do you think that she’s bittersweet about leaving a steady fat paycheck – which is still very difficult to land in Hollywood? And do you think she’ll manage to launch a successful movie career? How about a major role on a prime-time TV show.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Inaugural Author/Blogger of the month

Hey guys its Nikkie here again and I’m bringing you an exciting new Feature. As those of you who keep up with my page regularly know. I am a huge fan of well-written books and blogs so for the first time ever on my site. I am giving you the chance to nominate authors and blogs to be considered as the featured author/blogger of the month. If you want to nominate someone and yes it can be yourself then head to the Featured Authors webpage  in the top right hand corner of this blog and fill out the simple form.

This month’s featured Author is the amazingly talented Author and blogger.  Emily Guido. If you haven’t read her book series The Light Bearer series.. (What have you been doing living under a rock?) then you have missed out on one of the most magical and compelling stories  in a long time. Hell I’m just going to say it and let the haters be damned. I think it’s better then Twilight.  There I said it and I’m not going to take it back.

Emily  Guido author of The Light Bearer Series
Emily Guido author of The Light Bearer Series

Emily Guido is Paranormal Romance Author. She was inspired to start writing The Light-Bearer  Series because one day she got an idea of two star-crossed lovers which needed to have their story told.

The Light-Bearer Series is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, with Vampires, Angels, History, Action and Adventure. The novels Charmeine, Mactus, Accendo, Seditious, Ransom  and Conundrum are the continuation of the wonderful adventures of the inhabitants of The  Castle Charmeine!

For those of you who haven’t already then you can buy here books from amazon using the link below

also don’t forget to check out and, if you haven’t already, follow her blog; which can be found here.

Easter Updates and A special Surprise for Emily

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I hope you all had a good Easter period wit your families. This is just a quick update to let you all know what is happening with  me.

I have started helping a friend create her own online shopping page. I would really appreciate it if you could visit the site and offer your suggestions as to what we could do to make it better and what you guys like about it.

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Also and this is probable going to be a huge surprise for her and I hope she likes it. I have added a special Featured Author page which will be updated monthly and this months featured author is none other then Emily Guido with her incredible Light Bearer series.  so make sure you check it out

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