The Black Dot campaign

Hey Guys,

I Just wanted to share with you the story  of an amazing social media campaign  that’s running currently, that have helped over 6000 people world wide so far.  Many of you would have seen it popping up on your Facebook news feed I’m sure, it is of coarse The Black Dot Campaign.  The purpose of this campaign is to recognise victims of domestic violence and abuse.

The campaign is very simple victims of domestic violence put a black dot on their palm. The black dot is a call for help and means that this person is in trouble and that they are in serious danger. It is mainly for those who can not seek help in any other way because their abuser is watching their every move. If you see a black dot on anybody’s palm please call the police immediately they need your help.  

I want to share with you a victims testimony, I have removed her name out of respect for her privacy.

“I’m heavily pregnant and the baby’s father is very abusive. With words, his hands. I’ve been petrified for so long and even more with the baby coming soon. I was at the hospital yesterday, he was with me, he never leaves my side anymore. I had to have an examination so the consultant asked me to lie on the bed and drew the curtain. I learnt over and took the pen out of his pocket, pulled his hand over to me and wrote HELP ME. I didn’t have to say a word. This campaign gave me the strength and the idea how to ask for help. I am now safe somewhere else thanks to that consultant and the black dot campaign. Thank you, 1 week to go until my due date and I am finally safe.”

Thank you to everyone who has shared this campaign over Facebook and other social media platforms.

Stay safe everyone

Lots of Love



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