Idea for a new Novel

Hey Guys!

It’s Nikki here and I wanted to share with you guys an idea that I had for a story. I’m not sure yet how long I want it to be it may just be a short story or I may end up turning it into a Novel if I think I can develop the story further.  Ultimately I see this being a series of books either a continuation of the story or separate but interrelated stories about different characters.  Please keep in mind that this is still just a rough idea so it’s subject to change.

My idea is about a girl who loses her father at a young age when he is killed in Iraq serving as a Marine.  She shuts herself off from the rest of the world and turns to competitive martial arts as an outlet. The story will be about her journey both emotionally and as a fighter.

I’m still tossing around a few ideas for a title and I am in the process of refining the plot so any reasonable suggestions would be most helpful.  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on : the title, should it be  one story or a collection of stories, and if you would be willing to read the story.

I appreciate each and every single comment and email that I receive so thank you all for your continued support.

Please see below a brief excerpt of the first chapter of the story

Katerina knew she was going to win before the fight even started. She always did. It was rather boring actually. It had been her life since she had been a girl of only ten years old. She didn’t often think back to that time in her life that way lay only anger and sadness. Sadness at the loss of her father and her innocence, Anger at the world and the stupid war for taking him away from her. Whenever she thought back to that part of her life she always remembered the quote “childhood is the time where nobody dies.” She could never remember where she had seen it before but it was true. Her childhood had ended with his death.

She could still remember that day on the 25th of March 2006, when the principal had interrupted her lesson to bring her to the office. Katerina knew as soon as she saw her sobbing mother and an uniformed officer what had happened. She could feel a coldness seeping into her heart. Somehow she found the strength to push the door open and confront the situation head on. She recognised the uniformed officer immediately he was one of her father’s closest friends, he was also a Marine just like her dad had been. He wasn’t anything anymore he was just dead. Her voice rang out clear as a bell. “How did it happen?” Both her mother and the officer looked at her shocked. Katerina sighed before saying, “If you’re wondering how I knew the answer is simple. You’re both here, you wouldn’t have made the long journey here and interrupted my lesson for any other reason. So just tell me how it happened.”  The marine smiled at her before he spoke, “You really are your father’s daughter. So much alike.” He took a breath before continuing. “We were on mission to rescue civilians from the cross fire your dad was covering us when it turned bad, real bad. If it wasn’t for your dad we would have never made it out alive. He died a hero.”

Katerina snapped herself back to the present from the memory. She looked her opponent in the eye and smiled. The girl was good, Katerina was better and the fight was over in minutes. It didn’t matter how good her opponents were none of them could match her in the ring. She wasn’t being cocky at all it was just simple fact she was the best in the world at what she did. She knew that eventually somebody would come along and take that title away from her, but so far nobody ever had. The phrase cold as ice was often use when people referred to Katerina, and she supposed it was true to an extent. She kept people at a distance because it was just easier and much more effective than the alternative.


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