Personal Post

Hey Guys I am  so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a long time.  I really didn’t want to leave you guys for so long but I was  having some real life problems that I needed to deal with.

My grandmother was very sick so I was spending all of my spare time at the hospital. She  has had medical issues for a long time but this was the worse  I had seen her in a long time.  Fortunately she recovered however she was very weak so I was taking care of her and looking after her as my grandfather was unable to do it because he is getting too old to do it all on his own.

My Grandparents are probably the two most important people to me.  They practically raised me as my mum was a single mother for so long and she worked two jobs just to make ends meet. My dad left when I wasn’t even 2 years old.  They taught me how to read and write and they took me to every single dance lesson, every singing lesson, every sport game and every day they would take me to school and pick me up after. So seeing my grandmother in the hospital was really hard for me and I just didn’t have any time left to devote to you guys like you deserve and for that I am sorry.

But I’m back now and if you are all still interested in reading I will tell you about other more exciting news.

I  have officially been accepted into Edith Cowan University for 2016.  I will be studying a double degree in Business Law and International Relations and Politics. So I am very excited about that.

On top of that I have officially moved out of home and It feels good to finally have my independance.

There will be more posts coming soon so stay tuned and watch this space for more.

Until next time

Take care and be kind to each other.



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